Account Opening

Main requirement is Company TIN and completely filled out account registration form. Form can be downloaded here. By having an account, you will enjoy a discounted rate and a credit line. You can also be part of our Customer Loyalty Program.


Arranging a pick-up can be done by calling our telephone number (8806-3751). You can also coordinate with your account handler. You can send an email or chat with us thru our website messenger. Booking cut-off is 5:00 pm. Pick-up time is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. We strongly suggest to book your shipments earlier than the cut-off time so we can pick-up your shipment at the earliest time possible.

Air Waybill Soft Copy

As part of our continuous effort to enhance our service, we are introducing the use of our Air Waybill soft copy. You can now save and print your own Air Waybill.

Here are the benefits for using the soft copy of our Air Waybill:

- No need to rewrite your common destination address as you can easily just print the Air Waybill from a saved file.

- There is no excessive use or waste of paper as you will print only one page. And, Mother Nature will be even much happier as you can also print in a clean, used paper.

- The Air Waybill form is just plain and simple. It is very easy to fill out.

- You can provide your own reference, which will help you easily remember your shipment.

- You will never run out of Air Waybill forms as this is readily available to you and in our website.

Please download the Kuspid Air Waybill form here and view the guide on how to use this here.

Transit Time Guide

We ensure that your shipment will arrive on time and in safe condition. Please be guided by our Transit Time Guide to aid you in estimating the transit time of sending to a particular country.